Write one paragraph explaining a research question for which you think you can d

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Here are two submissions of classmates:

When deciding on a research question, you must remember to have independent and dependent variables. My research question is “Can a work environment affect employees’ productivity?”  An independent is the variable being altered in an experiment, while the dependent variable is the effect that the change created.  This research question can be experimented by observing two different accounting firms that are similar in size, annual revenue, and productivity. One firm, firm A, will be the experimental group. Firm B will be the control group. The lighting fixtures in firm A will be changed in the middle of the night without the employees’ knowledge. No changes were made to firm B. Both firms were observed using office cameras. The independent variable will be the change in lighting. The dependent variable will be the productivity of the employees in the firm. The causal relationship is that as the work environment is improved, in this case through lighting, productivity will increase as well, in this experiment it would be the amount of work that was completed.

my research question would be “Do people who exercise overall choose the healthier food options?” An independent variable takes the form of an experimental stimulus which is either present or absent. in this experiment we would have two groups of people. One group would be taken from GymA and another group would be taken from GymB. The participants selected will have around the same incomes, work out at the gym for around the same time, and have around the same body weight. These specific gyms have restaurants inside that normally sell healthy foods, however right outside the gym are fast food chains. The restaurant inside GymA will change its menu for 2 week to much more unhealthy food. No changes will be made to GymB. Both Gyms will have researchers working the cash registers to note down which options the groups pick. The independent variable will be the change in menu options. The dependent variable will be the choices of the participants in those certain gyms. The casual relationship is that as the menu of the gym loses the healthy options, the members start to find nearby restaurants and cafes that have healthier options instead, thus showing people who exercise generally choose to find the healthier option. this is the cause-and-effect casual relationship.