need help week 8 psychology assignment

need help week 8 psychology assignment

This week we have explored theories of development from Piaget and Erikson and how we continue through “stages” throughout our lifespan. As you reflect upon these theories of development, please answer the following in essay format.

Using a word processor, complete the following:

  • Choose the stage that has been the biggest challenge for you, thus far.
  • Explain what you have learned about a “future stage.” How will this information benefit you as you reach that stage?
  • Choose at least three specific goals you have set for yourself as you continue through your lifespan and how you will achieve those goals.
  • How has this course helped you determine those goals?

Your assignment should be a minimum of one to two well-composed paragraphs. Each paragraph should include 5-7 insightful sentences.

Use APA format in this document, following these guidelines:

  • Your paragraphs should be double-spaced
  • Times New Roman, 12pt font
  • Margins should be set at 1 inch on all sides.