Need assistance with an assignment

Need assistance with an assignment

-Based on your readings and studies to date, analyze and list the things you
need to know about the family that will enable you to suggest an appropriate
intervention. What family circumstances are the most significant to assess for
your particular family? Economic, cultural, social?

-Describe how this assessment helps you to more completely understand the
family situation.

-Would the information you obtain be adequate? What else might it be helpful
to know that was not uncovered by this particular assessment tool?

-Are there other tools you might have considered? What might you have learned
from them? Why was this the best tool?

-Your paper should adhere to APA guidelines and demonstrate effective
academic writing skills.

assessment tool:


This is a qualitative assessment tool and the most frequently used method.

Questions may be structured, unstructured, or close ended.

The practitioner gathers and extracts information about the family functioning.



These techniques explore and tap sources of concrete, instrumental, and affective support available for the family members.



A mapping technique that provides a pictorial representation of family contacts with others outside the family such as governmental agencies, community agencies, civic, and spiritual organizations.



A mapping technique that provides a picture of the family constellation with multigenerations and provides an overview of internal and external relationships.


Social Network Map.

A mapping technique that presents a pie chart of the family environment with all the people, organizations, and groups that support the family.



Used to map critical events in the life cycle of families or family members. Sequences of events are chronologically organized to represent socially constructed and meaningful events in the lives of family members.


Family Scales.

These are standardized measures.  Examples of these tools would be tests, questionnaires, rating scales, checklists, and inventories.



Relies on family self statements such as journals, logs, and self-anchored scales.


Observational Tools.

Uses assignments, interactions, role play, and simulations to observe family dynamics.

Used to teach and practice new skills.  Allows the practitioner to guide and provide feedback.


example of what assignment should be:

family assessment.pdf


The story that will be used to do the assigment… this is the story that I created that will be used for this assignement:

family story.docx


Please let me know if you need more information.