Logo- Arizona FFA BBQ Team

– What is the exact name in logo?  FFA BBQ Team

– Industry name?  Education and Universities 

– What are the top 3 things we would like to communicate through logo?

We’re building a custom BBQ trailer to use at our events throughout the year to feed our students. As a part of that effort, we are trying to create a “tailgate party” feel. The trailer will not only be cooking burgers, but will have a flat screen TV playing our videos and will have logos and branding of some of our partners. Although our trailer is being custom built, a company that does something similar to what we’re doing is Ready-2-Roll trailers. I’ve included a link to their website below so you can get an idea of what we’re trying to do.

The logo that we’re asking for through this project will be on a partial wrap that is on the trailer approx. 4’x5′. In addition, I’m attaching a picture of a canopy that we’ll be having made to set up over food prep area. As you can see from the picture, we’ll have the opportunity to incorporate a design/verbiage on the canopy as well. While we definitely want branding for the FFA, but we don’t want it to be predictable. Please refer to the set up guidelines for the wrap in the pdf document attached. Be advised that we’ll be uploading any specs for the canopy when we receive them from the vendor. The size of the artwork may end up being much bigger than 4’x5′, so vectored artwork is a must.

– Image and text. I’m attaching a VERY rough mock up of what I’m looking for. However, what you’ll see is too predictable and basic. I’m looking for something clean, innovative and professional.

– Ex BBQ_logo_mock_up.jpg  Sample_Canopy.jpg

– Format JPG, Vector EPS

– Deadline not more 25 hours