HUM/105 World Mythology version 3

HUM/105 World Mythology version 3


“Identify some people you consider real or personal heroes. What characteristics do your contemporary heroes share with their mythical counterparts?  How do they differ, if at all?

Please include one specific comparison between a contemporary hero and a traditional mythical hero.”

Please respond to the following (minimum 120 words):

A person that I consider to be a personal hero is a man named Charles Trippy who is known on YouTube, having been making videos for the last 8/9 years, and the bassist of the band We the Kings for 3 years. I would compare Charles to Hercules in some ways because of the strength both possess to go through any trail that they go through, though for Charles, his strength is emotional and mental not physical. Charles posts his whole life, or what can be seen in 10-12 minutes, including both the good and the bad, including his fight against brain cancer, and now his separation with his wife of three years. Two years ago Charles suffered a seizure while on tour with his band and found out that he had a brain tumor, and after surgery found it was benign. Last year the seizures came back, happening more often, and it was discovered the tumor was back, but this time cancerous.

I see Charles as being similar to Hercules because he pushes through any challenge that is put in front of him, never giving up and no matter how difficult things might seem, he finds a way to get through it and succeed. There are times where it is clear that the stress and everything gets to him and he is just worn down ready to give up, but he always finds something to be positive about. Even with his recent separation, he was still trying to stay positive and seeing it as just a new chapter in his life. More than just his strength to stay optimistic and sharing his struggles with the internet, he connects with others that facing some kind of trouble in their lives, showing that there is always a brighter side and encouraging those to go for their dreams and don’t let anything hold them back.


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