HUM/105 World Mythology version 3

HUM/105 World Mythology version 3


Identify some people you consider real or personal heroes. What characteristics do your contemporary heroes share with their mythical counterparts?  How do they differ, if at all?

Please include one specific comparison between a contemporary hero and a traditional mythical hero.

Reply to the following below (120 word minimum): 

My personal hero is my sisters foster mother Charlotte but we call her mama Char. I was lucky and had my mother but my best friend/sister’s mother left her here in the United states while she disappeared and went back to Panama. Anyway’s to make a long story short, Mama Char  reminds me of Demeter. Demeter is mother to all, nurturer, and goddess of grain ( Lenard, S. & McClure, M. , 2004).. Mama Char is mother to all and has provided a mother figure to many young ladies that were placed in her care. At one point and time Child services removed my best friend/sister from Mama Chars care, a move that devastated all involved.Char faught Child services for rights to my best friend much in the same way Demeter searched and faught for her daughter Persephone when Zeus, who is Demeter’s husband and brother gave Persephone to his brother Hades, God of the underworld. Demeter, mother of all cares for and  looks over all living creatures both human and animal. This is a characteristic that mama Char also possess. Just as Demeter taught the mortals how to plant and grow crops, Mama Char taught all of hard headed girls how to plant a garden.


Leonard, S., & McClure, M. (2004). Myth & knowing: An introduction to world Mythology. New York: McGraw-Hill.