Formal Logic-Choose one of the statements & invent at least three hypotheses

Formal Logic-Choose one of the statements & invent at least three hypotheses

Choose one of the 10 statements below, and invent at least three hypotheses aimed at explaining what went wrong or at solving the problem. Then for each hypothesis, describe one or more experiments or inquiries that would confirm or disconfirm the hypothesis.

1.   Someone you have been dating has a birthday coming up, so you call a florist and order flowers for the occasion. Two days later the person is cold and distant. 

2.   After settling in a new location, you buy some seeds for a flower garden. When the flowers come up, they are stunted and of poor quality. 

3.   After mailing your paycheck to the bank, you write a check to pay your rent. The rent check bounces. 

4.   On a windy day, you pick up the phone to call a friend, but you find that the line is dead. You live in a house and share phone expenses with a housemate. 

5.   After driving for miles on a dusty road, you park your car near the bank of a river and take a hike through the woods. Soon you become lost. In one direction you see a small stream, and in the other, a trail. 

6.   A close friend calls you on the phone and confides a personal secret. That night, you write the secret in your diary. A few days later, your friend is furious with you because the friend overheard someone on campus talking about the secret. 

7.   On a rainy evening, you return to your ground-floor apartment and discover that you have been burglarized. You can’t believe it, because you are certain you locked the door when you went out. You share the apartment with a roommate.

8.   You are a philosophy professor at a university, and while reading a set of term papers, you discover that two of them are identical. Those two papers are also extremely well written. 

9.   You are a manager of a department store, and although business has been brisk lately, your chief accountant informs you that the store is losing money.

10.   A short time before final exams, you lose your class notes. You recall having seen them four days ago. Use your own personal activities and movements during the past four days as the basis for formulating your hypotheses as to the whereabouts of the notes.