Complete the form with two paragraphs

Complete the form with two paragraphs

Please review the Unit 5 Learning Activity Template. For this week’s Learning Activity, write 2 paragraphs regarding this process for you as a clinician:

What was easy? What was hard? What was difficult about rapport building? How difficult was it to keep track of the content of what your client was saying and what was important to him or her? How difficult was it to figure out what your client was feeling? What in your own background may have affected how easy or hard these skills are for you? Was it difficult not to share your own thinking and suggestions? Did you fudge and tell your own ideas even though the instructions said not to? (The pull to do this is very strong for most of us.) What did your client tell you were your strengths as an active and effective listener? What are one or two specific ways you can improve your listening skills?

Submitting your Learning Activity

Learning activity templat.pdf 

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