You are advised to commence work on your assessment from

Assessment InstructionsYou are advised to commence work on your assessment from week 1 and must submit all the tasks by their duedates.Written workThe assessment tasks are used to measure your understanding and underpinning skills and knowledge of theunit of competency. When answering please ensure you address each criteria and sub point, demonstrate yourresearch of each of the questions and cover the topic in a logical and structured manner.Active participationIt is a condition of enrolment that you actively participate in your studies. Active participation is completing alltasks on time.PlagiarismPlagiarism is taking and using someone else’s thoughts, writings or inventions and representing them as yourown. Plagiarism is a serious act and may result in a student’s exclusion from a course. When you have anydoubts about including the work of other authors in your assessment, please consult your trainer/assessor. Thefollowing list outlines some of the activities for which a student can be accused of plagiarism:• Presenting any work by another individual as one’s own unintentionally• Handing in assessments markedly similar to or copied from another student• Presenting the work of another individual or group as their own work• Handing in assessments without the adequate acknowledgement of sources used, includingassessmentstaken totally or in part from the InternetWe are treating plagiarism seriously. We may use Turnitin to check your submitted work.CopyrightYou must be careful when copying the work of others. The owner of the material may take legal action againstyou if the owner’s copyright has been infringed. You are allowed to do a certain amount of copying for researchor study purposes. Generally, 10% or one chapter of a book is acceptable, where the participant is studying with,or employed by, an educational institution.Competency OutcomesEach activity in this assessment tasks will be marked as either Complete or Incomplete.If your work is marked as Incomplete, you will be provided with feedback from your assessor. You will berequired to make changes to your submission according to the feedback and re-submit during the term, ensuringyour assessor will have at least 7 days to re-mark the work.