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Assignment Details
Each person will review the selected guidebook and identify the areas that require revision. As part of this process, students must research more recent collection techniques and analysis methods utilized in the field. The submitted document must contain the following:

Explanation of what topics need to be updated in the guidebook.

Explanation of why the topics need to be updated and how this revision will affect the forensic
science/criminal justice community as it relates to evidence collection and preservation.

Explanation of how specifically the group would update those topics (i.e., how you would revise
the text to be relevant regarding current evidence collection techniques).

The paper should be written in narrative form with a logical flow. In other words, do not simply list a topic from the guidebook and follow it with comments regarding that topic. 

You must follow APA style formatting. The paper should be double-spaced using 12-point Times New Roman font and include a page header (shortened topic name and page number).
This assignment must reference a minimum of one (1) scholarly journal sources and one (1) textbook source. You may also use sources from reputable websites such as www.crime-scene-investigator.net, www.forensicmag.com, and www.fbi.gov. 
You should properly cite these sources, both in the body of the paper and on a separate “References” page. APA regulations require a bibliography/reference page including all sources referenced in the paper as well as in-text citations. Recall that if you list a reference, it should be utilized within research work; if not, it can be considered plagiarism.