write an essay

compare and contrast essay about college vs high school

I want simple and clear like a student paper and follows the outline  


interdiction + thesis statement ( high school and college are very different)

topic sentence 1: one major different between high school and college is the cost 

high school 

a) live at home/ parents 

b) free inexpensive

c) books are free  

Example : my self


a) housing 

b) very expensive tuition

c) tuition book 

Example: about my self

Topic sentence 2: differences between responsibility that student have

high school 

a) transportation provided 

b) food provided

c) book provided

Example : about my self


a) you have to provide your own transportation

b) you have to provide your own food 

c) you have to provide your own book

Example: my self

Topic sentence 3: the level of work much higher in college than high school

high school

a) fewer assignments 

b) help from instructor 

c) more easy 

Example: my self


a) more assignments

b) individual work  

c) more difficult

Example: my self