Write a (min) 1,500 to (max) 2,000 word essay discussing

Write a (min) 1,500 to (max) 2,000 word essay discussing research ethics. You must state (as part of the title) for whom the essay is written (eg general public, other researchers in your field, student researchers).? The topic you choose to discuss must be relevant to engineering. You can base it on your discipline or on another discipline(s).? While this essay should start out with a general introduction, by the end of the first/second paragraph your intent/aim/argument within this essay should be clearly identified. The aim of your essay should be obvious throughout the essay, as you develop it and build on examples to reinforce your point of view.? It may be useful to refer to some case studies/real examples during your essay to emphasise particular points. Please explain these well, ensuring you explain the context of the example and any consequences. Don’t just present the case study, discuss it, give your views etc.? Avoid jargon and keep the language technical and clear. Use figures/images/schematics as necessary.? You should display an ability to form an argument (state a particular viewpoint), back this up using examples and explain how this relates to the reader’s research/point of view.? References must be well compiled and appropriate for the content, including references for any images.