WK 2 Assignment – Cultural Competence Paper – Population Selection, sociology homework help


As you should be aware by now, during this course you will write a Cultural Competency paper which is due in the second-to-last week in the course. If you’re not aware of this, please see the ‘Cultural Competency Paper Introduction’ file in the ‘Assignment Introductions’ folder in the ‘Getting Started’ area of the course.

You will progressively work on your Cultural Competency paper throughout the course. In many weeks you will submit an additional piece of the paper and be provided feedback on your content and APA formatting.

For this first portion of the assignment, before you begin working on the paper itself, you will identify the population that you want to focus your paper on and address the following:

  • Does this population meet the criteria of being an underserved population? If so, why?
  • Why is this population interesting to you?
  • Are you able to find enough research on this topic? (You will need at least 5 scholarly research articles to support your topic).