Who’s the Problem, psychology assignment help

Consider the following scenario:

You are Ms. Jones, a worker for a youth center. Your coworker is very controlling and bossy. She prefers to be the person responsible for planning the youth activities and decides which activities to utilize. She rarely listens to your ideas and seems to think that her ideas are the best. She’s worked for the agency four months longer than you have and considers herself to have significant seniority. One day you become frustrated with your controlling coworker and refuse to go along with her proposal and plans. You confront her about her controlling behavior.

Your coworker meets with your supervisor and says, “Ms. Jones is a very difficult person to work with. She’s not a team player and has a bad temper. Do you think that you could tell her to start acting more professionally?” Your supervisor calls you into her office.

Address the following in your discussion response:

  • How will you handle this situation professionally?
  • How can you present your side of the story and still maintain a professional demeanor?
  • What will you say to your supervisor? Be specific. Give examples.