When writing an email either personal or professional,

When writing an email either personal or professional, a person needs to pay close attention to their grammar. When writing an email the person that is receiving the email cannot see the tone that one writes in and the meaning could be conveyed differently. There could be a huge miscommunication when people are emailing personally or professionally. It is important to use proper grammar, spelling, non-texting language, and capitalization (Johnson, et al., 2015, Pgs. 31-32). I have had a personal problem with putting commons and periods when emailing something and especially when texting or messaging. I believe that using punctuation when emailing and texting is important and many people, including myself, do not use them as much as they needed. I believe the reading your emails out loud before you send them and making sure that you use the proper punctuation.

Johnson, W. A., Rettig, R. P., Scott, G. M., & Garrison, S. M. (2015). Chapter 2: Writing competently. (Pgs. 28-51). The criminal justice student writer’s manual (6th Ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson.

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·  Make a suggestion.

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