Voting in the future and New Political Party and President

Imagine one day in the future, the US is having a problem with voters not turning out for the presidential elections. The congress is now trying to pass a new law to limit voting to only a very people. Their reasoning, a lot of money is being spent to promote voting and nobody is showing up to vote, the voters are not tuning in on the debates, only a certain group of people is showing up to vote around the country. Please provide your opinion supporting or not supporting this new act of law. If you support this new law provide details such as the qualifying qualities of a person who should vote. If you disagree, provide supporting details as to why the new law should not pass. This essay should be 500-1000 words or more.

Create your own political party and give it a name. Describe what your platform will be based on. For example, what will be your stance on free education for students in the future, gender equality, taxes, going to war, and social welfare for the people. Write about who will be your targeted group for each topic you address. Provide detailed examples for each area you address and make sure you compare and contrast between your new party to one of the existing parties such as the democrats and republicans. In other words what makes you different from what is in existence today. 500-1000 words are required for this assignment.

Running for president is not easy. You have to address a lot of issues that will cover everyone’s concerns. If you were to be elected President of the United States, Pick two areas on which you would focus on for the country. You may pick any topic but you have to provide reasons why you picked these two areas and how it will impact the country. Describe who will benefit from you working on these two areas and why it is important to you to address. 300-500 words are required for this assignment.