Using correct memo form (see above), write a 200-250 word

Using correct memo form (see above), write a 200-250 word memo to the instructor in which you analyze the audience for your resume. Compose short paragraphs in accordance with business style. Begin each paragraph at the left margin (no TAB), single-space each paragraph, and double-space between paragraphs. Memos do not have salutation lines (Dear Sir:) or signature lines (Sincerely, ). In your memo, provide very specific details about the job you are applying for and the skills and experience that the job requires. Discuss the specific responsibilities the job will entail. In addition, describe the organization or company offering the job, detailing its size, location, goals, and the nature of its business. Then, analyze the needs, interests, and professional experience of the audience for the resume. Describe the professional characteristics of this audience. What level of technical detail will this audience expect? How will this audience use your resume information? Finally, discuss how you will design and write your resume for this audience. What kinds of experience or skills will you emphasize for this audience? What writing style might this audience expect? Be as specific as possible. What kind of feedback about your resume do you plan to get from others before you send it? Whom do you plan to ask for suggestions before submitting the resume? What level of grammatical correctness will the audience expect? Suggestion: Use your “Job Listings: Analyzing the Audience” notes as pre-writing for your memo. Please attach your notes to the back of your memo.