Threat Analysis Essay

Threats can be man-made (such as fire and nuclear accidents) or natural phenomena (tsunamis, earthquakes and hurricanes, to name a few). You are to assess a threat of your choice and elaborate on items 1-6 below:

  1. Identify a potential threat.
  2. Identify the threat’s motivation, capabilities, and history.
  3. Choose an organization.
  4. Identify the organization’s assets.
  5. What tactics might the chosen threat use against the organization?
  6. Will such tactics be effective? Why or why not?

Your essay should be 3-4 pages long, cite at least three different source. APA format.

Here are some ways to enhance your analysis.

One can effectively assess threats in four steps:

  1. Identify potential threat actors.
  2. Identify their motivation, capabilities, and history (thus their level of intent, skills, weapons, and tactics and what types of targets they have chosen in the past).
  3. Develop a list of the organization’s assets, and determine which of the weapons and tactics are most likely to be of use in attacking the organization.
  4. Compare that data to information about the organization’s assets to be protected, and determine which potential threat actors are likely to be most effective against the organization. (Norman, 2009, p. 140)