The Volstead Act , history homework help

I just need help answering these questions.

After 1920, immigrant groups of different ethnicities experienced/faced?

The Volstead Act was hard to enforce because of opposition from?

Al Capone was convicted and imprisoned for what crime?

Called the founder/framer/father of __________, John Dewey

What did the Kellogg-Briand Pact do?

American reaction to the problems facing the Warren G. Harding administration saw people

In the 1920s, American farmers faced?

European countries allied with the United States stated that post World War One no debt should

be repaid to the US since …

Before the Great Crash, many Americans felt …

The Great Depression saw all of the following except

Reasons that the Great Depression occurred

What was the purpose of both the Securities Exchange Commission and Federal Securities Act?

The New Deal (one and two) was known for

When the American Congress passed the Neutrality Acts of 1935, 1936, and 1937, what was the exception?

The United States was somewhat isolationist in the 1930s because

Select the option that explains the changes in United States arms policy from the end of World

War One to the start of World War Two:

Who sought to block Jewish and other refugees from Nazi Germany and Nazi occupied


What ended US neutrality during WWII?