The owner of a prominent fine dining European cuisine

The owner of a prominent fine dining European cuisine restaurant wants to decide which chefs are the best for his restaurant, in terms of prepared food dish quality. He believes French chefs are the best in business. To test his belief, he invites French and non-French chefs to prepare some fine dining dishes. The overall quality of these finished dishes was judged on a scale of 1 to 10. He has requested you to test whether he is right or not. You as a researcher believe that ‘Experience’of a chef also influences the overall quality of the prepared dish. The data are provided in file Chefs.sav. Help the owner to figure out whether French chefs are really the best.
a. Which statistical analysis is the most appropriate to answer your question.
b. How many variables you will be including for the analysis?
c. Name the dependent variable____________
d. Name the independent variable ___________
e. Name the third variable, if any. ___________
f. For assumption of ‘Equality of variance’, which test statistics is referred to?
g. What is the one assumption that you will definitely check for in this particular analysis?
h. Test for the assumption, report the sig. and interpret it for the assumption tested?
i. Report the F statistics and the sig. level for the overall test. Show output and highlight these figures.
j. What is your response to the main question asked above based on the results?