The mental habit of reification, questions help

2.1 Q9 p94: After pondering the mental habit of reification, return to a perennial Western problem called, “the problem of evil.” Now ask: Is evil real? Clarify and defend your answer.

2:2 Q4 p112: What is meant by “self-love”? Why is it so important? Contrast self-love with egoism, selfishness, and narcissism.

2:3 Q4 p132: It isn’t uncommon to hear someone say, “I don’t know who I am.” What do you think this person is trying to say? Have you ever said this?

2:4 Q5 p160: Focus on two challenges that one encounters during a full lifetime: the challenge that you are currently involved in, and one that you are not presently facing (preferably one that lies ahead). Describe in the most personal way what these challenges mean to you. Is there a contrast between your understanding of these two challenges? In other words, to what degree can any of us comprehend a challenge we have not yet faced ourselves?

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