The legendary IDA B Wells Her Great Passion for Justice Anti-Lynching Crusader, assignment help

2 page double spaced essay

Follow the guide lines attached to write about a video that ha been watched in class :

the following is the notes i took and these are the point that should be mentioned in the paper:

– Ida B. Wells

-why she didn’t want to give her seat away

-kind of a horrific figure

– the value of human rights

-in most history books they don’t mention her

– a whole generation was effected

– 21 promises found isn’t kept

– her father

-moved to Mississippi

– her mother was beaten as a slave

-against the law to teach and learn ( for african american)

– came from the north to teach people in the south, after civil war

– the south was suffering when idol was there

– was hit by a plane yellow fever, it struck down white and black people

-young sibling died she was the adult of her brothers

– they became orphans

– she left school to get a teaching job

-2 years later they moved to Mississippi river

– she believed that the justice was coming

– literally club was elected editor of the news paper

the above are bullet points that was taking about Ida B. Wells in the video that we have to write about.