the End of Life slides, psychology assignment help

Please read through bullet points, their two assignments:

Based on the End of Life slides (i’ve attached it below ), I want you to reflect on YOUR options. 

What you will need to do this week is relatively simple:

  • Read the short article below
  • Re-review the slides from last week
  • Complete an advanced directive for the state in which you are a permanent resident…including figuring out who you would name as your health care advocate
  • Tell your advocate that you are naming them; even though this is merely “homework,” you may be surprised by the conversation you have with them!
  • Upload your Advance Directive under “assignments” (This way other students will not be privy to your choices). 
  • Then start a new paper and answer my questions:
  1. Was it difficult to complete your AD?
  2. Who did you ask to be your health-care advocate? Why? 
  3. Who did you NOT want to be your health-care advocate? Why? =)
  4. What happened when you asked your advocate to participate?