The Alchemist Journal, assignment help (500 words or less)

The Alchemist – Journal # 2 (~500 words)Directions:1. Read the topic below carefully. 2. Spend ten minutes generating and organizing your ideas about the topic. 3. After ten minutes are up, you may begin writing your journal.One of the major diversions from Santiago’s journey was the theft of his money in Tangier, which forced him to take a menial job with the crystal merchant. There, Santiago learned many lessons on everything from the art of business to the art of patience. Have you had any diversion(s) in your life that have postponed the realization of your goals? If so, what caused the diversion and what effect did it have on the fulfillment of your goals? Do you see the experience as positive or negative? Why? Explain. Please make appropriate references to the book to show that you have read and understood the book.