the Abstracts, writing homework help

i need help writing abstract Abstracts: These are very brief summaries of reading materials. For the remainder of the semester your abstracts should be no longer than 1/2 page, single spaced, 12 pt. font. Include a full citation of the referenced work in the full correct bibliographic format. If quotations or paraphrasing in used, a page number should be cited. However, ideally abstracts should not rely on quotations or paraphrasing. Abstracts can be either informational or descriptive. For more information regarding expectations for abstracts visit Purdue Owl at: You may use scholarly articles on a topic of interest, feature articles from National Geographic, Scientific America, Earth Magazine or other social science based quality publications. You may feel free to use scholarly journals as well. All these should be available through the Auraria Library, and some may be free online.