story Oedipus The King, political science homework help

this homework is about the story Oedipus The King. I put the story in attachment.submit a 2+-page (typed, double-spaced) response paper. This is not an essay, recording your random thoughts. Rather, it should be written like a formal essay complete with thesis and supporting materials, in order to demonstrate your active reading and thinking. It should seriously respond to what you read. You should focus on one specific aspect the text. Do not retell what you have read. ANALYZE it instead. For example: You could analyze Oedipus’s character. What about the question of Fate? Does it really determine our lives or do we control what happens to us? Was the King and Queen of Corinth wrong for not telling Oedipus he was adopted? Why or Why not? What would you do in that situation? When is the right time to tell a child they are adopted or not?

2-3 pages