Sociology Homework Help needed

Topic 1: OSHA: Hero or Villain?

OSHA has been seen as both a positive and a negative influence on business and employees. Start by reading OSHA’s mission statement.

  • Retrieved from
  • Go to About OSHA.
  • Explore the information and links on that page.

Locate some articles about OSHA written by Ralph Nader.

  • How does Mr. Nader feel about OSHA and their mission? Are they succeeding?
  • Do you think Mr. Nader’s reasoning is correct?
  • What do you think workplace safety would be like without OSHA? Do you think managers and company owners would still be safety conscious because it is the ethical thing to do?
  • How do you think you would feel as a manager if an OSHA inspector showed up unannounced?

Topic 2: Child Labor

Children are especially vulnerable to unsafe working conditions. To what extent should a company be responsible for preventing child labor? What is the difference between sweatshop labor and human trafficking? Are there any arguments to be made for allowing child labor? Can you cite any examples of businesses that have worked to address child labor issues?