Sociology Homework help Needed with OSHA


It’s clear that OSHA does not have the funding will support necessary to do all that he could do. The amount of support can vary from administration to administration. Based upon one of your resources, Nader was very vocal about the lack of support under prior administration. Have the reviews been better with the present administration? Has OSHA become more effective?

You are correct that imposing OSHA standards does raise the cost for the business. In order to ensure that we have a safe environment and that our employees are protected, additional steps frequently must be taken which means an additional cost.  Is this why some few OSHA as the “villain”?  If these standards are imposed, are the employees always happy? What could be a consequence of these raised standards?


Now, is all child labor illegal? Can children work in the United States? What makes it illegal?

Again, I think we have a good discussion about sweatshop labor and human trafficking. It seems that human trafficking can be one way that businesses can get people working in their sweatshops, if the community at large does not provide sufficient numbers to run the facility.

You also raise an interesting point. In many of these communities, there is no school available for these children. If these opportunities don’t exist, wouldn’t doing some work be productive for even children? Is it more a question of what type of work and how many hours they are working?