Short response history question

My main area of research is the American Revolution, so imagine my astonishment when my brother in Seattle sent me this (joke)

 e-mail: DOCKERS COLLEGE is pleased to announce that it will be offering an new course in American History this upcoming term, to be conducted by visiting Professor emeritus, the Hon. Sarah Palin, former Governor of Alaska.  The course will focus on colonial history in America and on the intent of colonists to protect their arms from confiscation by the British and to warn them of impending revolutionary activities should they attempt to seize arms possessed by citizen militia.  Governor Palin will compare and contrast the efforts of noted Revolutionary War figures to protect their arms, such as Paul Revere and William Dawes, with comparable efforts of citizen militia in Alaska to protect their arms from confiscation by oppressive federal government figures.  She will compare the famous “Midnight Ride” of Revere with her own “Bus Trip” through Massachusetts to call attention and “warn” those who might confiscate militia based arms…..
Now this is obviously my brother being clever, but I thought I would throw this out to the group since you have just read about the Revolution (or are in the process).  My question is:  Is Sarah Palin really the whack job that she most obviously appears, or is there any merit to the “Tea Party”  idea that the Federal Government is the great enemy of the people and should be overthrown — Feel free to be as harsh on either side of the line as necessary, just keep it clean and address the ideas not the person writing the idea.