Senior Thesis:Sacrificing Earthly Beauty , psychology homework help

This is a literature review and there has to be previous studies mentioned. Be sure to include only scholarly peer-reviewed articles. Please follow directions! The outline states clearly what should be included. I need 15-20 references.

1. Your 1st paragraph should open with examples (but dont call them examples) of different kinds of sacrifices. You can use examples from Greek iterature, the bible, the koran, and different religions around the world. You should have about 10-12 different things.

2. Next, say these are all examples of sacrifices and now give a dictionary definition of the concept of sacrifice.

3. Next, discuss what different philosophies/ writers/religion leaders have said about the purpose or purposes of sacrifice in general.

4. Next, discuss the reasons/purpose of sacrifice in different religions.

5. Next, state the purpose of the present study (See the title above). In order to do this you will need to lay out the literature as follows:

a. Discuss the theorectical backgroud in terms of why gods ask humans to make sacrifices and the different kinds of sacrifices Gods have asked humans to make.

b. Now you can introduce the concept of self-sacrifices in order to get to heaven.

c. Next you can introduce previous research or % of people who believe following Gods orders or requests, obeying God, belieing in God, belief in heaven or after life, % of people who want or desire for there to be an afterlife and the % of people who want to go there.

6. Talk about catholic saint that gave up her beauty. (St. Cecilia)

7. Next, discuss the importance of beauty /physical attractiveness (there are theorectical articles on this) and how important it is to people and why. Is there any research on self-sacrifices and beauty/physical attractive (Chinese foot-binding, african long neck stretching all for the sake of beauty.)

8. Next, once you have layed out the mportance of beauty and what kind of different things in different cultures people do(sacrifice) to be beautiful. You can move on to god, vanity, sacrifice.

9. Next, you want to discuss that if beauty is so important, if God or a higher power asked people to sacrifice their earthly beauty for heavenly rewards and if heaven is important, what would they do especially woman.