Scientific Progress 2-3 page Essay

Scientific Progress

  Research a controversial advance emerging in science, such as cloning, gene therapy, atomic energy, stem cell research, or another topic of your choosing, that directly deals with a scientific research.  Your topic should be about a new technology or technique, NOT a general scientific theory like evolution.  You will research the arguments in favor of and opposed to this technology and write an essay arguing for or against the use of the controversial scientific advance.  Your essay should be 2-3 pages long and should be based on facts and evidence, not simply rhetoric or emotion.  You should have at least four independent sources to cite in your research. 


  List five possible topics for your research.  Choose two topics and spend some time looking up information about these topics.  List the sources you research in your prewriting notes, with a brief note about what they contain.

  Choose which topic you want to write about, and indicate what your initial reaction to the topic is:  are you in favor of it or against it?

   Research the topic.  Try to find sources that are as objective as possible about the issue at first.  For example, if you choose to research cloning, you might look for sources that discuss the process without any moral commentary.  After you’ve discovered the facts about the topic, feel free to research the emotional side of the issue.  List the sources that you’d like to use in the essay.  Be sure to make notes about what information you got from each source. 

  First Draft:

  Write a draft of your essay.  It should be 2-3 pages long.  After you’ve written your first draft, use the checklist below to make sure it has the required elements.

  Revised Draft:

  Rewrite as necessary:

  Topic is about a scientific advance or technology, not a scientific theory.

  My essay argues for or against the technology.

  I have cited at least four sources, and in my essay, I have indicated where I got my information.

  I have a strong thesis statement and each paragraph in the essay works to support my thesis 


  Each paragraph has a topic sentence.

  My essay has an interesting introductory paragraph and a concluding paragraph.

  I have proofread for spelling and grammar errors.

  Final Draft:

  You should have two drafts: First Draft and Final Draft.