Research Essay for your review

Research Essay for your review

-so you currently have 628 points within the course and need at least 700 points to pass the course with a minimum score of 70%. You need to score at least 72 points out of 100 on the final research paper to pass the course with a 70%.

-Also, please note your paper needs references – there needs to be a lot more added. I think your professor might have a problem with the way that references have used…this is something you need to do on your own. 

the paper after my edits should get you a  B – . The problem is that there is a lot of information but nothing that actually helps support your thesis – but after my edits, the paper is not that bad. 

 However, like I mentioned, if you do submit it in, your mark (if I was marking it) would be somewhere between 67-72. It depends on your professor – maybe he or she will give you a B. 


research_final TO REWRITE TO BETTER (1).docx ( MY Research Essay )

need your thoughts add.