Research a surgical procedure – Shape my Grade

Research a surgical procedure and share your findings with the class.  Include the following in your post: 1.  Why is the surgical procedure done?  What condition, disease, or problem does the procedure correct? 2.  Explain the surgical approach or how the procedure is performed (as best you can)?  Here you might talk about incision sites or use of scopes, for example.  3.  What type of experience or educational background does the surgeon, who performs your chosen procedure, possess? 4.  Share with the class as much detailed information about the procedure as possible.  Post pictures and/or videos that will help support your written post and that might otherwise help the class understand more about your chosen procedure.  Remember, the more detailed information, the better.  Approach this threaded discussion with your “coding cap” on. Your post should be of collegiate level with no grammar or spelling mistakes.
Cite your article in APA format.