Pyschology: Development and Individual Differences

Assignment 4-3:  Role play the situation that you are an advice column writer and have just received this letter from a reader.  Address the situation and in an essay respond to your reader. Give the person at least 5 ideas to help them and then reasons (support) for your ideas.  Please do this in a word document and upload it to assignment 4-3.

Dear advice giver,
I am a seventy year old woman.  I feel that life has passed me by and that there is nothing left for me.  My husband of 48 years died last year and my three children are all grown and live away.  I have friends but many of them have spouses and I do not want to be a fifth wheel. I have never worked outside of my house since my family was my occupation.   My health is declining and from long hours of watching television, my eyes are tired and I am rather stiff most days.  I would like to take piano lessons but I feel that I am too old.  There is not much that I feel that I can do and I am so lonely.  Can you offer me any advice?

Rubric for Assignment 4-3

5 helpful hints to make her life better

1 point for each idea

Support for idea

2 points for each

Format..advice columnist

5 points