psychology assignment

Feral children are children who have spent much of their formative years in the wild, without any contact with other humans for a significant period of their lives. Cases of feral children are thankfully rare, but are of immense interest from a scientific and educational point of view.

Studies of feral children in the past have lead to breakthroughs in the education of people with learning disabilities, and indirectly has lead to the development of sign-language and Braille.

Stories of feral children pop up every now and again in the media, but most stories are uncorroborated, and many are pure fantasy. However, there are a few cases which did occur in history which were the subject of intense scientific scrutiny.

Search the internet and read about some of the cases regarding Feral Children. Answer the questions below (25 points):

  1. How close is human nature to the nature of an animal?
  2. What aspects of human nature are genetic, and what aspects are learned? (Nature / Nurture)
  3. What does consciousness mean?
  4. Could we learn how to speak to animals, or could we teach animals to speak to humans?
  5. What is your opinion on all of this?

* Be sure to cite your sources!