Project: It’s All in the Details

Project: It’s All in the Details

Project: It’s All in the Details

Have you ever sat in class and thought: “I could teach this!”? Well, it’s your turn to show your teacher how it is done.Turn the tables and teach the teacher something interesting about The Sweet Hereafter.

  1. Examine the reviews your peers provided.
  2. Based on the feedback, revise your presentation to make it stronger, more focused, more exciting. Carefully consider the images, script, and text on your slides.
  3. Listen to your recording (without looking at the slides) to evaluate your rate, enunciation, dynamics, and expression.
  4. Revise/edit the text of your script for active verbs, sophisticated vocabulary, and correct punctuation, capitalization, grammar, and spelling.

    To ensure success on this assignment, read the assignment rubric.

    For insight and help with effective writing guidelines that your teacher is looking for, read the 6+1 Trait® Writing rubric.

  5. Post your PowerPoint (with the Works Consulted page) as the last slide to the Project: It’s All in the Detailsassignment link for instructor grading.

Congratulations! You have completed this Unit. Please continue with the course