Potential Bias in Instruction and Assessment

Potential Bias in Instruction and Assessment

Pretend that you are a new teacher and that you are about to start developing the class materials and assessment tools for your students. Think about yourself for a moment…what are some characteristics and experiences unique to you that you possibly do not want to influence your development of these materials and assessments? Provide a list of at least ten characteristics/experiences to share here.

I’ll give an example using a fictitious teacher:

  1. I am male
  2. I am Caucasian American
  3. I am in my fifties
  4. I am an avid reader
  5. I have an advanced vocabulary
  6. English is my first language
  7. I am well-versed in soccer
  8. I am middle class
  9. I grew up in the South
  10. I have travelled extensively
  11. I love animals
  12. I am a parent of three boys
  13. I am Catholic
  14. I have certain beliefs that are strong in nature (such as regarding marriage, drugs, abortion, etc.)

Once you’ve shared your list, pick two of the items that you’ve listed and expand on them:

  • What, specifically, about this trait/experience do you think may inadvertently bias your materials/assessments?
  • What can you do to counteract this possibility?

This is a discussion. Must be between 75 to 150 words, but may go longer depending on the topic. Please cite any sources if used.