Photographic essay outline

This is a two-part assignment.  This one is the outline.  However, because it is a two-part assignment, who ever I choose for this one would also need to “finish” it (part 2).  Separate Budget of course 😉

The book is Understanding Social Problems  Ninth Edition Linda A Mooney, David Knox, and Caroline Schacht.  2015 Cengage Learning.

Create an outline for the final. 

Create a photographic essay to illustrate a social problem, summarize and discuss that social problem using sociological concepts and one sociological perspective, and research two different social movements devoted to solving or alleviating this social problem.

Your outline should include the following information:

  1. Review the Photo Essays that are presented throughout your text. What photo essays did you like and/or are considering modeling for your own Photo Essay?
  2. Choose a social problem of interest and important to you.
    • Ideas you are thinking about for the creation of your own Photo Essay that illustrates the social problem.
      • You can use Microsoft Word and Google Images to copy and paste images into a word document.
  3. Write a brief description of the social problem. What 4-6 social concepts are you going to highlight?
  4. What perspective are you going to use (structural-functionalism, conflict, or symbolic interactionist)? How would this sociological perspective examine and explain the social problem?
  5. Research two different organizations or social movement devoted to solving or alleviating this social problem. What two organizations are you going to use?