Philosophical Ethics

Rights Ethics: Modern society, Deontology: The Ethics of Duty, Virtue Ethics: Must we learn Ethical Behavior?

1. “I know my rights!” Do you? What are they and why are they yours?

2. We are constantly told that we “have a duty to _____.” Why is this important?

3. Virtues and virtuous behavior are always terms we hear being used. What are virtues? Do you have them? How do you know and what would be some of the good virtues you possess?

Ethical Egoism: Self- interest, Ultilitarianism: The Greatest Happiness and the Good Life

1. All people seek their natural state of being “happy.” How do you define “happiness?” Why is this part of our important American political consciousness? We state that we as individuals have a right to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” Explain this.

2. Explain John Stuart Mill’s analysis of Utilitarianism. Do you agree with his perspective? why or why not?

3. What constitutes a “good life?” Is it determined by our culture, our social status, our gender, or now redefined identity, our personal wealth, our opportunity, our integrity, our national security and international reputation, our intellectual clarity and development, etc?

Answer is Question answer format, 5-7 sentences per question