Performance and Productivity Standards and Monitoring in HIM

Your HIM department is implementing an EHR system, which requires document imaging (scanning) of dictated reports, H & P, discharge summaries, and OP reports. Scanning began six weeks ago and you have been tracking your employee’s actual production during those first six weeks (see the table below). Using the data in the table calculate an internal benchmark. Evaluate and support how this data can be used to provide feedback to employees and positively impact performance for the next six weeks. Prepare a report for your Vice President outlining the productivity of your “prep team” for their first six weeks and supporting a recommendation for staffing for the next six weeks based on expected performance compared to the internal benchmark and the known workload of 394524 pages to be prepped.
This is a new function for your department and you want to be able to compare your internal productivity benchmark to an external benchmark as you move forward and plan for the staffing for the coming year. Research external productivity standards and guidelines for scanning, two possible sources are listed below.
Utilize the AHIMA article Benchmarking Imaging:Making Every Image Count in Scanning Programs, by Rose Dunn, RHIA, CPA, FACHE, FHFMA, found on the AHIMA website to provide a source for external benchmark and suggested KPI’s as a starting benchmark.
Develop a plan to monitor, evaluate and report on overall scanning productivity overall using key performance indicators (KPI) at, at least three points in the process.( You may use prepping as one or select three new ones). The plan should address how and where each KPI you select can be linked to the workflow and why the KP you select is important to the monitoring and potentially improving productivity.
Prepping Stage

Actual Production/Number of Pages Prepped
Hours Worked


102, 050

94, 340


Stretch Goal: midpoint between the calculated group average and the average of the highest producer.