Part 1 final exam STR / 581

1.       Josh works as a clerical assistant in a law firm located in a small town. He is not satisfied with the pay provided to him. His company is only one of two firms located in the town, and the other firm does not have requirements for a similar job role. Which of the following is a constructive behavior that Josh is likely to engage in?​
​Voicing his dissatisfaction on social networking sites
​Quitting the job
Waiting for the management to increase his pay
​Talking negatively about the firm
2.       The managers at TeteTech Inc., a company that provides back-end support to multinational technology firms, measure the company’s performance by assessing the time taken by its employees to resolve customers’ queries. Based on the results, the managers find ways to increase the efficiency of individual telephone operators. Which of the following tasks are the managers performing?​
3.       Lattel Inc. holds 50 percent of the market share for video games and 90 percent of the market share for action figures. The management decides to cease investment in action figures and invest the money generated from the sales of action figures in research and development for video games. Which of the following is the likely reason behind the management’s decision?​
The market for action figures grows at a high rate.
The company wants to increase its market share for video games.
The quality of the company’s action figures deteriorates over time.
The demand in the market for video games begins to decrease.
4.       TechMark Inc. manufactures smartphones with higher RAMs to address consumers’ need to run multiple applications without affecting the smartphone’s performance. To persuade the consumers to purchase its products, the management runs social media campaigns targeting specific consumer needs. Which of the following functional activities of the value chain is the management performing at this stage?
 Production function
Sales function
Materials management function
 Marketing function
5. Aitana Inc. produces different kinds of prescription drugs. Owing to the popularity of these drugs, the management decides to diversify the company’s portfolio by entering into a new market segment. It chooses to manufacture organic baby formulas. The marketing team that was successful in selling the prescription drugs failed to attract a significant share of the new target market because it did not have the expertise required to assess the new market. Which of the following organizational structures should the company adapt to be successful in both the market segments?​
​ Geographic structure
Functional structure
Product structure
Market structure
6. A manufacturing plant uses 2 kanbans to deliver inputs from its suppliers to the assembly line. When a kanban is empty, it is sent back to the supplier for replenishment. The operations manager increases the number of kanbans from 2 to 4 to meet a sudden rise in demand. Which of the following decisions should the manager make to ensure that the input inventory is not overstocked when the demand subsides?​
​Increase the number of suppliers
​Increase the quantity of inputs purchased
​Decrease the quantity of goods produced
​Decrease the number of kanbans
7. Max &Leaon’s, a popular hypermarket, attracts the best of salespeople with its popular commission plans. Salespeople are paid huge incentives for every sale they make. Soon the management realizes that salespeople are not interested in marketing the hypermarket’s services and hard-to-sell items. Which of the following actions, if taken by the company, would motivate salespeople of Max &Leaon’s?​
​The company should provide additional incentives to salespeople who sell the hard-to-sell-items and market its services.
​The company should set a cap on the number of hard-to-sell items that salespeople can market.
​The company should reduce the commission rates if salespeople do not sell the company’s services.
​The company should replace sales-based incentives provided to salespeople with fixed wages.
8. Sara works as the marketing manager of a leading beverage producer. The company is accustomed to promoting its products through newspapers and television. To keep up with the evolving trend of social media marketing, Sara suggests that the company start investing in social media to promote its products. If Sara wants to portray herself as a charismatic leader to the management, what should she do?​
​She should be confident when she pitches her idea to the management.
​She should use coercion to encourage the management to consider her idea.
​She should emphasize her personal interest in social media more than its benefits to the company.
​She should recommend using only conventional methods of advertising.
9. Marreese works as a janitor in a company. She is fed up of her manager who has been verbally abusing her. The fear of losing her job and further harassment causes her to refrain from escalating the manager’s behavior to the senior manager. Through which of the following ways should Marreese resolve the problem?​
​Quit the company and provide feedback during the exit process
​Discuss the issue with an ombudsman
​Take disciplinary action against the manager
​Wait for the manage to realize his mistake
10. Airlines, as core service providers, provide tangible goods, such as food and beverages to the passengers during flight. Core service providers must blend tangible goods with services. Based on the above description, which of the following is a core service?​
​Food products
11. Jasmine is a marketing manager. When one of her subordinates comes up with the idea to run a social campaign to generate user awareness, Jasmine accepts without hesitation. She is used to campaigning over traditional media, and she knows that a campaign over social media can invite quick negative reviews. However, she is willing to take the risk. Jasmine’s actions portray her:​
​tendency to be low on agreeableness.
​openness to experience.
​conscientious nature.
​tendency to feel distressed.
12. Trident Inc. operates in several industries. One of its division deals with desktop named Belwick. The company management is planning to revamp Belwick, which produces a range of customized desktops. Although Trident Inc. has a sizable share and is producing revenue, the market for its customized desktops is rapidly declining. In this segment, Trident facing reduced sales due to strong competition in the market. Trident’s management wants Belwick’s marketing group to develop a strong turnaround plan for the division.
Which among the following steps should be avoided by Belwick’s marketing group to survive in the present market
​Investing in customer relationship management
​Developing a marketing strategy and plan
​Capturing market insights
​Inhibiting new product development, testing, and launching plans.
13. Andrea attends an interview in an IT company for a senior marketing manager’s position. During the negotiation process, she mentions that the compensation offered by the company is satisfactory, but it is not sufficient to splurge on yearly trips. Which of the following is an indirect financial payment that will satisfy Andrea’s financial needs?​
​A paid vacation
​A sales-based commission
​A time-based pay rate
​A performance-based incentive
14. X Wheels, a wheel manufacturing company, was using a single machine to produce wheels for cars, trucks, and airplanes until 2009. Workers at X Wheels needed as much as four hours to set up the
automated equipment when they switched from one type of wheel to the other. Aiming to reduce the time required for setting up the machine, X Wheels introduced a new machine in 2010, which could be set up in one hour for the varying production needs. This step also reduced its operating costs by a significant amount without limiting customer options. On the basis of the above scenario, it can be said that X Wheels incorporated __________ to reduce their operating costs.
​additive manufacturing
​flexible manufacturing
​service manufacturing
​lean manufacturing
15. Martha was recently appointed as a senior operations manager in a leading multinational company. However, she is not satisfied with the pay rate that the company is providing her. She thinks that the pay is significantly less compared to industry standards. Martha’s perceived unfairness is because of the difference in:​
​external equity.
​procedural equity.
​internal equity.
​individual equity.
​16. Mercel Inc., a garments manufacturing company, recruits Fredrick as a senior human resource manager. As his first assignment, the company instructs him to take measures to portray the company as being inclusive of minority groups. Fredrick recruits a few people from a minority group to some key positions in the company and refrains from recruiting more people from that group. Which of the following problems is evident in the company’s and Fredrick’s actions?
17. Managers at Widget Corp., a television manufacturer, are engaged in a planning exercise. During one dummy activity, managers generated different future situations along with development of response strategies. One of the assumption by them was, the demand for their 15 inch televisions will reduce by 30% in the next decade, and this demand will be replaced by tablet computers. Based on this assumption, the managers developed a plan that included starting a manufacturing plant for tablets in the next two years. It is evident that the managers at Widget Corp. were engaged in __________.​
​functional-level strategy  
​scenario planning  
​business-level planning
​corporate-level strategy
18. Clara, a senior manager at MC Consultants, tells her subordinate, David, during the annual appraisal process that his performance has been poor over the past few months. David argues that his performance was up to the expected standards set by the company. In which of the following ways should Clara deal with David’s claim?​
​She should compare David’s performance with the performance of other team members.
​She should use objective work data to discuss his performance.
​She should stress that his performance was poor because of his attitude.
​She should force David to accept his rating and not argue further.
19. Meera works as a first line manager in an assembly plant. During an economic crisis, the company instructs her to lay off assembly line workers with poor performance ratings. Keeping the workers’ interests in mind, Meera suggests that they be given additional training so that they become more efficient at their work. She adds that this may improve the overall performance of the company. Which of the following leadership styles does Meera display?​
​Servant leadership
​Directive leadership
​Transforming leadership
​Spiritual leadership
20. Consider the following financial data of Eastlake Service Industries from the past year.
Gross income                           X
Total sales                                Y
Total annual credit sales Z        
Net income                               W
Cost of goods sold                   V
Total assets                              T
Average inventory value             L
Average account receivables     K
Considering the data mentioned above, which of the following is the correct expression for the receivables turnover ratio of Eastlake Service Industries?
21. Joshua has been working as a project manager in an information technology company for three years. Martha is a delivery team lead in the same company. When the company receives a project that has to be completed in a short span of time, Joshua decides to increase the daily work hours of the delivery team to accommodate the project. Martha, however, insists that Joshua request the client for a time extension. Not willing to reach an agreement, Joshua and Martha ignore each other’s opinions and begin working on the project individually. Which of the following conflict-handling intentions does this scenario portray?​
​ Compromising
22. Jennifer is a manager in an upscale store selling perfumes for women. She is high on “initiating structure” and low on “consideration.” Which of the following actions is she likely to engage in to influence her subordinates?​
​She will instruct salespeople to cut down on their breaks to increase the store’s sales.
​She will allow salespeople to take decisions about the ways they want to promote a product.
​She will motivate salespeople by sharing business profits with them.
​She will ensure that salespeople are allotted reasonable targets.
23. Mark Cavell is a senior manager in a technology firm. Two of his team members, Clara and Rodriguez, are up for a promotion. Mark gives the promotion to Rodriguez. Which of the following criteria, if considered by Mark for the promotion, would be viewed as illegally discriminatory?​
​Rodriguez’s educational qualification is more suitable to the new role than Clara’s qualification.
​Rodriguez completes a given task quicker than Clara.
​Rodriguez’s ability to perform under stressful situations is better than Clara.
​Rodriguez, being a male, deserves the promotion more than Clara.
24. One receptionist posted an anonymous blog on the web that said, “I work in a five-star hotel, servicing the rich and famous. That being said, the people who come to the reception are not worth servicing sometimes. In fact, the guests can be idiots. I am often treated with no respect, and nobody listens to me until I threaten to call the security and put them in their place.” Clearly, if a receptionist is in a bad mood, it is going to influence her perceptions of guests, which will in turn influence her behavior. It is evident that the receptionist exhibits __________.​
​ethical emotions 
​unethical emotions
​positive affect 
​negative affect
25. Joshua is a project manager in an information technology company. The company receives a project that has to be completed in a short span of time. Joshua decides to increase the daily work hours of the delivery team to fast-track the project. However, Martha, the delivery team lead, does not want her team to be put under pressure and insists that Joshua request the client for a deadline extension. Joshua wants to please the client, so he is against Martha’s suggestion. Which of the following is an effective strategy to resolve their differences without the need to compromise on each other’s stand?​
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