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Purpose of Assignment
The Week 3 Learning Team assignment is part of a 3-part assignment that takes students through the research process.  Part 1 is designed to introduce students to the basics of research such as identification of an issue or problem and how it is determined that the issue is worth researching.  This type of research can be related to virtually any business environment.
Assignment Steps
Scenario: The team is a cross-functional team interested in conducting a research project. The team must prepare a detailed proposal and presentation for the executive team that details the scope, magnitude, and feasibility of the project as well as the potential approach. 
Select an issue, opportunity, or problem facing one of the team member’s place of employment or organization with which the team is familiar.
Workplace Diversity as our research topic
350 words needed
Develop a 700-word discussion of the potential project that addresses the following: 
Describe the selected issue, opportunity, or problem facing the organization.Discuss the significance of the issue, opportunity, or problem.
Justifywhy the chosen issue, opportunity, or problem facing the organization is important to be researched and whether it can be solved with business research. 
Format the assignment consistent with APA guidelines.