Nutrition question: Too much fat, too much sugar or too many

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This discussion is taking a look at Chapters 4 as well as 5, since Diabetes is effected by blood sugar levels and those levels can rise due to added sugars. But could Diabetes be associated with people who are obese? The data indicates this. But not every obese person has Diabetes. The possibility exists of insulin resistance ultimately being a direct cause of diabetes since it may be that the insulin resistance itself causes weight gain. So, it may not be as simple as obesity causing Diabetes, but that insulin resistance might be a major contributing factor.
In 2012, new research indicated risk factors for cardiovascular disease, including increased levels of triglycerides, LDL and cholesterol have been found in people who eat too many added (refined) sugars. Remember, sugars are carbohydrates.
Watch the following:…

In addition, review these links to a 2 minute video, a New Times article and a publication about a study published in JAMA………
Lastly, view this TedMed talks by Peter Attia, which has important FUTURE (though as yet not researched) implications, both political and physical. Dr. Attia is quite emotional in this talk at the end and I do believe, and have always surmised what he is saying will eventually be born out with research. In turn, this may help to turn around the politics of making the “wrong” foods available while the “healthier foods are more expensive.…
Discuss what you have learned and incorporate one of more of the following in your thorough response; comment on two others to offer your insights to their post:
Respond to the 60 minutes presentation by discussing why a calorie may not be considered just a calorie. What does this really mean?
Why is it difficult to study human subjects’ diets in the general population?
Why is it difficult to attribute the increase in obesity and related illnesses to added sugars alone?
What are some approaches for reduction in the amount of high glycemic index carbs in our diet (do you think it’s even possible
Respond to any of the articles or news videos you viewed