Negotiation between man and women, psychology homework help

  • Conducting a thorough, analytical review of the scholarly literature related to a research topic or idea of interest is a necessary step in the research process. A clearly organized and well-crafted literature review provides a concise account of the existing knowledge about the topic or idea, and offers insights into new areas of exploration and study.
  • For your literature review presentation, you are expected to include the following:
  1. A clear, brief description of a topic or idea related to the broad field of negotiation and conflict management/resolution that interests you
  • Examples include: comparisons between mandatory vs. voluntary mediation; the relationship between personality and conflict management styles; gender differences in negotiation; the impact of police violence on urban unrest
  1. A succinct yet thorough review of the relevant scholarly literature on the topic/idea
  • Be sure to use primarily academic sources, e.g., journal articles, monographs, books or book chapters, and research reports, for your literature review.
  1. An analytical summary of the research literature, including a discussion of 1-2 key gaps or limitations you have identified from the existing research
  • Do not provide simple summaries or descriptions of past research. You should try to discuss the similarities, differences or discrepancies, general trends or patterns, and any other original observations you may uncover from the research reviewed.
  1. Conclude the literature review with 1-2 research questions and/or specific, testable hypotheses that will address the gaps or limitations identified in the literature
  • Your research question or hypothesis should flow logically from the gaps or limitations identified in your literature review. In other words, your proposed research question or hypothesis should be tailored in a way that directly addresses the appropriate gap or limitation identified in current research.
  • Your presentation should convey a visual/verbal summary of the Introduction/Literature Review section for your research proposal. Each presentation will be evaluated based on the following:
  1. Relevance, quality, and scope of presentation content
  2. Effectiveness of presentation format and structure
  3. Effectiveness of presenter style and delivery
  • All students will present their literature reviews during class time in Week 6 or 7 of the semester. The order of presentations will be chosen by random assignment, and each presentation must be no longer than 15 minutes long, to be followed by questions and comments from the class.
  • It is highly encouraged that you use some form of visual aid (e.g., slides, images, videos) in your presentation to facilitate the effectiveness of your presentation delivery. If you plan to use PowerPoint slides, please do not use more than 15 slides in total.
  • You will submit one combined set of your presentation materials (e.g., Powerpoint/Prezi slides, presenter notes, and handouts) online by the start of class time (5:30 PM EST) on Oct 4 (Week 6), regardless of whether your presentation will be delivered on Oct 4 or 11.  Note: Please label your file in the following way before submitting it: LastName_LitReview.ppt – E.g., Tan_LitReview.ppt

*** I want you to talk about the negotiation between man and women and how they act and think differently 

Thank you