Need social science help with education (Comparison Between Hollywood Film and Documentary)

Rudolph.pdf    < the Rudolph article.  

– Comparison Between Hollywood Film and Documentary Using Hollywood film from (the word document upload) and documentary from the list below, respond to each of the following questions. At a minimum, cite Rudolph and Ayers when answering question. You may use additional sources. 4-6 pages in length each. APA style reference list must be included at the end of each paper.

.  1) What are the similarities and differences between the Hollywood movie and the urban education documentary? Take one scene from each to compare and contrast.

.  2) What are the multiple perspectives and biases evident in both the movie and the film?

.  3) What are the implications of these different forms of representation (stereotypes, myths?) for shaping public opinion?

.  4) What are implications of these different forms of representations for public policy?

.  5) Whose “lens” is privileged and/or perceived as the “right” one in each? Provide evidence to support this.

.  6) Using all the knowledge that you have gained from this course create a better model of urban education. Support your model with research.

.  7) How can your model lead to change?

.  8)  What could you do as a beginning educator or member of your community to facilitate change in your local urban public school community?

Hollywood Film/Urban Education Documentary Combination Choices.

Make sure to chose the film that correspond in each column

Hollywood Film Title

Urban Education Documentary Title

Won’t Back Down

Children in America’s Schools

Freedom Writers

American Teacher

The Wire (Season IV only)

American Teacher

Dangerous Minds

Hard Times at Douglas High

Music of The Heart

Boys of Baraka

Stand and Deliver



Walk Out