Need psychology help with a Response Discussion

Please help me response to this one below: at least 5-6 Sentence

My 8 year old twin daughters are very strong, bold, and mature for their age. Their different personalities are obvious. Santyna is more outgoing, loud, and love challenges. She’s always open for new things. On the other hand, Savannah is introverted, still fun! But she prefers quiet and individualistic activities such as golf. However, she can not be by herself around the house. By night, she can not go to the kitchen if somebody does not go with her. She needs to have the radio on with “cheering” music, and lights on. She has no problems to go to bed without light, but while she’s awake, she needs to have the sense of safety and security. As I am writing this post, we are in the process of overcome this fear and insecure behavior. I am applying the confrontation, subliminal approach, and the incompatible response approach. Since the fear  of the dark tends to evolve around the time children are old enough to have a sense of creativity and an extensive imagination, I am having substantial conversations with my daughters about uncomfortable feelings such as fear. We do not play with fear in our house, instead, we explore and learn how and why this is produced.

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