Need history help to revise an essay of 2800 words about the history of Greek temples

greek2800.docxI’m a sophomore majoring in History of Art, and I ‘m looking for a tutor to help me revise my 2800-word essay. Since this essay means a lot to me, the more helpful modifications, the better. 

I really want some helpful suggestions about the content of my essay, which demands some background knowledge about the Greek temple architecture. I also need correction of grammar,  language mistakes and from of captions and references, and improvement of sentences and paragraphs. 

The essay question is: To what extent is early Greek temple architecture down to 480 BC experimental? (Note that the title only mentions temple architecture)

The temples I chose are two temples of Hera at Samos, Temple of Poseidon at Isthmia (about 675 BC), Temple of Apollo at Thermon (630 BC), Temple of Hera at Olympia (600 BC) and Temple of Artemis at Corfu (600 BC). Please complete the revision in two days.

Many thanks!