Need history help to answer the question about a ripe time, easy one in a half page or more

  1. What made the 1950s and 1960s a ripe time for the modern civil rights movement? What was the focus of the early moves for racial equality? Identify the key events that defined the beginning of the modern movement for social justice.
  1. What factors made the civil rights movement more intense in the early 1960s? How did the movement become more dangerous by the end of the decade? Explain the underlying causes for the shift toward militancy in the Civil Rights Movement in the late 1960s.
  1. How did Lyndon Johnson attempt to reform America into a “great society?” Discuss his domestic agenda programs of the Great Society. What worked? What did not? Explain your response.
  1. In what ways was the idea of the American dream challenged during the tumultuous decades of the late 20th century?  In what ways did the intersection of civil rights and global conflict, specifically Vietnam, create a climate of distrust and concern within the American population?
  1. Why did the United States get involved in the Vietnam conflict? Discuss the reasons for the escalation of the war during the Johnson Administration. How and why did opposition to the war grow? Why did Vietnam become “Lyndon Johnson’s War?”
  1. Why was 1968 considered a year of shocks? What specific events left Americans shaken and concerned about the nation’s future? Consider the role of media in your response.
  1. How did the presidency of Richard Nixon affect the situation in Vietnam?  Explain how the Nixon years challenged Americans’ perception of their government. What effect did Watergate have on America?