Need help with Wk 3 American Art Before and After World War II Presentation

Resources: Review Ch. 5 and 6 of Oxford History of Art: Twentieth-
Century American Art, the Week 3 Electronic Reserve Readings, your
Video Reflections, and at least one additional scholarly online or library
Prepare a 5- to 10-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation in which
you examine the works of photographers working during the 1930s and
the work of Abstract Expressionists.
Include responses and discussion of the following in your presentation:
• Three photographers who worked during the 1930s
• At least two examples of photography from each photographer
• A description of the types of subjects photographed
• Your opinion on whether or not photography is a fine art form with
an explanation
• Your opinion regarding how photography has affected American
• One Abstract Expressionists painter who worked in post-World War
II America
• At least one art work
• A description of the style of the painter and why he or she was
interested in this style of abstraction
• A description of how this style emerged in post-World War II
America and why it differed from the art work of the 1930s
Submit your American Art Before and After World War II Presentation