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Would You Want to Know and Caretaker Fatigue

A new at-home test kit has just arrived at a local pharmacy near you. This kit allows you in the comfort of your own home to test yourself for Alzheimer’s disease. The test is just as easy to administer as an at-home pregnancy test with one line equaling positive and two lines equaling negative for Alzheimer’s disease. Currently no such test exists, but if it did, would you want to know? What would be the benefits or detrimental aspects of knowing? The text states that Anglo males are at a higher risk for suicide; would the availability of such a test increase the rates of suicide? Some have speculated that Alzheimer’s disease or just dementia in general is harder on the family members and caregivers than the patient with the disease. The text mentions that caregivers are at an increased risk to develop depression, stress-related disorders, problems with health, and a strain on interpersonal relationships. Often caregivers are faced with extremely difficult decisions related to treatment options, personal and family sacrifices, and so many more. How would you prepare for what to expect related to being a caregiver or dealing with a loved one diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease? Would you recommend family therapy? What other types of recommendations would you provide? What types of things would you recommend as “self-care” for the caregiver(s)?

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